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blogging money report

Having good blog or website surely can make you easily earning money from the internet. One thing that is not known by many bloggers about how to make money from your blog or internet is a trick that makes many people visiting your blog. The above will only be successful if you have thousands of visitors per day. Therefore, if you want to have a blog that can enter the first page of Google or rank 1 in Google, then you should have knowledge about SEO. You can read it from the internet or buy the book.

Besides, you can create a free blog to make money from selling. Currently, the number of bloggers is growing in our country. They sometimes simply use the blog as a place to vent and write something that is not important and does not demand. We can do blogging and selling. Nowadays there are many provider services for online stores that form looks like exactly the paid online stores.

The online store is very reliable to among bloggers. How to work or how to make money from your blog by selling or shop online is by taking pictures and prices of products from certain websites (but should be on the manufacturer’s website) and then install it on your blog.

If there is a book on blogging, just ask it to transfer according to the price of products that you already markup or raise the price of the original price. Once you get the money in, you next are transferring to the owner of the product to pay the original price of the product. After that, you ask the owner of goods to send it to the buyer’s address through you without sending it to your place first. It’s easy, right?

Besides, you can use trade links way to get money. Well, this is also one of the lucrative incomes from the blog because without having to sell or review any product you can make money regularly every month. The working of this business is to create a blog that contains good quality articles and optimized as much as possible in order to obtain a lot of visitors. Optimization can be done through SEO book. Links or selling links is by working with a variety of online companies specialized in affiliate marketing website link or a particular company in which is paid from the company and the results are shared with the owner of the blog that helps to market it. However, the minimum requirement for this business is that you have a blog with 2 Page Rank. Page rank means the average rank in the search engines. To achieve a blog that has 2 PR or more, it cannot be the normal way. You should know SEO tricks.

The other way, you can generate money by making article writing services. This method is classified as a professional because generally, it is for large companies that have a website but do not have time to fill it with good quality articles. Well, this opportunity could be used to make money by submitting proposals to companies by offering writing services paid monthly or per article. Usually, per article is appreciated 2 dollars or could be more. It depends on the facilities that you provide.

March 1, 2017 / Camila Edwards