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Making money from blogs is not a new thing again. However, for a beginner, it is still questionable which probably a blog can generate hundreds of millions dollars, even for just on one month. Normally it is outside of the ordinary. Someone who has a high position at a company may not get that nominal. You surely know the ads that appear on any blog that you open whether Google ads or other ads.

However, not only from a blog, you can manage the potential to capture income from the other party. If your blog is getting known, your blog will earn more money. Therefore, create a popular blog for many people. Creating a blog is a very fundamental thing. Someone stupid is also very able to make it.

Also I’d like to say I love the idea of blogging but there are much easier ways to make money these days online.

For example now you have companies like MyLeadGenSecret that literally give you 100 leads a day for a buck!! Yes you heard that correct 100 leads every single day that you can email on their platform for ONE DOLLAR.

That being said lets keep moving on here.

You reading this article are certainly someone who already knew about the uses and benefits of an internet because you are the part of the majority people who come grow with the development of science and technology at this time. With this knowledge, you will be able to create a blog.

Your blog will have good quality if your blog is recognized both by people and search engines (Google). A thing that you can do for your blog is to make existence by selecting a popular topic.

By choosing the popular topic, you will be able to attract visitors. Of course, it must be based on the capabilities of each person. For a beginner, you can read and seek knowledge of how to determine topics to make a blog.

You will have a safe step as a beginner in creating a blog. For a further level, you could choose any topic. However, the topic should have potential benefits.

Besides, you should create a deep topic. The purpose of this point is to create content within your blog to discuss in-depth discussion that would be recognized by the reader. Why?

Due to the in-depth discussion will cultivate prejudices of the seriousness and ability. It is not like when you are discussing an article only referring to one of the structural work. With in-depth discussion with the sub of structural work, the reader will get detail information on any topic that you convey.

Maximizing SEO is an important step for its existence recognized by search engines. Suppose the content or articles in your blog has a good quality recognized by the reader, then the quality cannot support the existence of your blog in the search engines.

If talk about SEO, you know, there are many steps that must be described, both on-page SEO or Off-page SEO. Besides, you can also promote your blog to be known. At this point, you could call it as SEO Off-page. Maximizing your blog means outside of the section of your blog.

Anything to do, you have to follow the outline. It can be through social networking. Be active in forums related to your blog topic. It can be through blog walking or by commenting on other people’s blogs related to the topic of your blog.

Advertising is done only when you create a blog that has visitors. Without visitors, your blog advertising will remain pointless.

March 1, 2017 / Camila Edwards