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blogging income

Everyone can create a blog. The way to create is not too difficult. However, if we talk about making money from a blog, probably many bloggers do not understand how. In this article, I will try to share some experiences on how to make money from a blog. It would be better if we plan it from the outset what the purpose of building a blog and how are we going to monetize the blog. The experience of each person will be different in building a blog. Some people build a blog just for fun, and other bloggers do blogging activities with clear objectives.

In this case, a blogger who has a clear goal in building a blog is the better one. It is for money. People may already build more than 10 blogs with different categories made in English or another language. For English blog, people usually buy articles from a native speaker. It can happen if the English are still mediocre. For the other language blog, people usually write the article and sometimes hire a writer. Every blog that has been built definitely makes money from some programs. Income from each blog is different. There is little earning, but sometimes the blog can make us shocked. There are some ways to do to make money from blogs.

There are still many people who do not believe that a free blog can make money. I used to think the same with them. But after experiencing how easy it is to make money from the internet, finally today I am excited to write and write to continuously produce quality blogs visited by many people and earning more money for the blog. Before discussing further how to make money from blogs, the blog is short for log web. It is a form of web applications that consist of writings (published in the post) on a public web page. The writings are sometimes published in the order at the top. The website is generally accessible to all users of the Internet according to the theme and purpose of the wearer’s blog.

You can earn money from the blog through ads. From many ways to make money from blogs, this is the most popular way for bloggers. Apart from being very easy and regular income every day, it also does not require any capital at all. We could use a blog with blogger platform. This type of advertising is Affiliate Advertising from Google. You can create a blog filled with good quality articles at least 20 articles, and the age is at least 6 months or longer. It is more easily accepted by Google. Once you have a blog, then the next is to register your blog with Google advertising. You can log in your blog account looking at the left side of writing the word “Monetize” and begin to fill the form. Furthermore, if accepted, you will receive your account and given permission to copy the script ads to your blog which script ads will adjust the text on your blog. The source of ads comes from business people who use the services of Google for display on various blogs which will pay no division between Google and bloggers.

March 1, 2017 / Camila Edwards